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Bring a Game to the Expo

We want the Expo to have as many arcade and pinball machines as we can fit in there and power. We want to have all your favorite games here and maybe some games you never got a chance to play. To do that we need your help.


First, bringing a machine to the expo gets you a Free Weekend Pass to the event. You receive one weekend pass for every machine you bring up to a maximum of four passes. So if you bring one machine you receive one pass, four machines you receive four passes, 10 machines you will receive four passes.

Second, for every machine you bring you will receive an entry for our Stern Aerosmith Pro Model Pinball Machine Giveaway. Every Arcade Game counts as one entry. Every Pinball Machine counts as one entry. So if you bring two Arcade Games and one Pinball Machine you get three entries total. You can get up to 15 entries for bringing machines. You are welcome to bring more than 15 machines, but only 15 will count towards the giveaway. Simple right? This is a fantastic prize only offered to those who bring machines to the event. The Aerosmith Pinball Machine from Stern is brand new for 2017. You can get more details on the machine by visiting the Stern website HERE. You will want to bring in games from out of town for a chance to win this machine.
Stern Aerosmith Pinball Machine

Game Condition

Arcade and Pinball games being brought to the event should meet the following conditions. They should be fully working. Arcade games should have good monitors and working controls. Pinball machines need to have all components working. If possible machines need to be set to Free Play or have a credit switch wired. Some games are not easily set to free play without modification we understand this. If the machine you want to bring can’t be set to free play let us know. We want the games to be original and not Multigames. We also ask that all games brought stay the duration of the event and are moved out after the expo closes on Sunday. We will try to make sure we have a good assortment of machines. We will not need ten Donkey Kong machines for example. So we will contact you if that situation arises.


We will try our best to make sure your machines are not damaged during the expo. The expo will be staffed at all times, and your machines will be watched over. For example food and drink will be asked to be kept away from the machines. However we ultimately cannot be held liable for any damage to them.

Games for Sale

This is a great event to bring any machine you are trying to sell or trade. You are welcome to post sale info on any of the machines. We just ask that the machine stays the duration of the event.

Register Your Game Early

We may reach capacity on the number of games we can feature at the expo. So we encourage you to sign up early to secure your place and entry to win the pinball machine. You can always change specific machines or add in new ones to bring as we get closer to the event.


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